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fencing and gate painting

Fencing and gate painting can be tricky since those fixtures are often used frequently and to demark particular spaces. To keep your dogs away from the fence or the birds away from your gate, we offer fencing and gate painting solutions that can be done in as little as one day and look just as great, nonetheless. When you’re considering painting your home’s exteriors or bits of your landscape, don’t leave your fence and gate out of the picture. Adding some color or a fresh stain to your wooden fence or gate is a great way to brighten up the appearance of the wood and spruce up the rest of your home’s exteriors.
Wooden Fencing
As one of the most common types of fencing, wooden fencing remains one of our popular fencing and gate materials that we paint. For fences and gates that are made from wood, we find it best to always analyze the state of the wood before applying paint. This means, that if your wood is older, decaying, or rotting, it likely won’t hold any adhesive paint when applied. We, therefore, must usually replace or remove old wood that cannot be salvaged, while other wood can simply be sanded and buffed before applying a paint coat. We also offer wood staining for fences and gates that have existing wood but would benefit from a color alteration.
Vinyl Fencing
Using an epoxy-based paint, we can efficiently paint your vinyl fencing units with ease. Vinyl fencing, because of its material composite, is a trick material that requires a specialty paint compared to other standard paints. Vinyl has a slick and sheen texture that most standard paints fail to adhere to. Therefore, epoxy-based paints are required to coat the vinyl fencing without premature peeling or flaking. Using primers and other sealants, we can apply epoxy-based paints to your vinyl fencing that’ll look great and make your fencing appear brand new.
Steel Gates
Painting a steel or metal fence or gate comes down to overall preparation. Steel is a tough building material that requires extra precautions when attempting a new paint job. All of the technique in painting steel is set in the primer and preparation prior to adding the paint itself. Using a special primer, the steel must often be primed 2 – 3 times before adding paint.
Wrought Iron Gates
Like many, you might be unaware that wrought iron gates can actually be painted. Surely enough, this durable material can successfully hold and withstand having a few coats of paint on it to brighten up your home. Many fences and gates are made from wrought iron that has usually been installed in the years prior to our service. Reasons for wanting to paint or repaint wrought include wear and tear or an unsightly appearance of rust build up on the surface. Before painting wrought iron, we must first remove any rust that is lingering on the surface, as it could cause the new paint to appear uneven or poorly applied. After sanding off the rust or deteriorating paint, your wrought iron is ready for a fresh coat.

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