interior painting

Thinking of painting your interiors a new color? Or do you simply want to get rid of that old wallpaper that’s slowly peeling from the wall? Fortunately, we offer interior painting services that are sure to help you achieve any interior paint project or design aesthetic you’re looking for. As the city’s interior painters, we have experience taking on large projects throughout the house that help you feel comfortable and more at home. We know how a simple wall color can change the ambiance of a room, so we’re here to make your interiors feel welcoming and secure.
Home Remodeling
In the midst of a home remodel project and want beautiful paint to complete it? We’re here to step in to assist with your home remodeling projects and paint the surfaces that need painting. As professional painters, our main job is to paint your walls and interiors with precision and care. as such, we take into account all of the new surroundings in your home remodel project, so you don’t have to worry about getting paint on your new crown molding, or on your new furniture.
Your interior paint might be due for a touch from time to time. Natural wear and tear can occur on paint, especially when you have children, pets, or an active household that sees a lot of foot traffic. While most interior paints are incredibly durable, this doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to scratches and other damages. If your selected paint is not stain-proof or waterproof, it could also be prone to more severe scathes in the future, which makes touch-ups important to keeping your paint even and cohesive.
Wallpaper Removal
If you’ve moved into a house that has some old or outdated wallpaper, you might be thinking of how you can change that without ruining your walls. Pulling off wallpaper has proven to be difficult, given wallpaper’s security and durability. To avoid having to peel away sticky parts of wallpaper or scrape its corners, we provide wallpaper removal that makes your surfaces cleaner and easier to prepare for a paint job. We recommend having wallpaper removed before attempting to repaint the surface, as the wallpaper can diminish the longevity of your paint, had it been applied directly to a drywall surface. Wallpaper removal is quick, easy, and makes changing the color of your walls more convenient for future home interior projects.
Surface Types
There are a variety of surfaces that may need to be painted in your home. We’re not talking about walls or flooring, but rather the building materials they’re made from. We have experience in painting concrete, wood, brick, vinyl, and drywall, just to name a few. The techniques needed to paint these types of surfaces differ as their composites may require certain types of oil or water-based paints, as well as finishes that match the surface material. Instead of taking a generic interior paint to your wood floors or ceiling, be sure to consult with professionals so you don’t ruin your surfaces, as removing unwanted paint may also be challenging. 

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