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Have you ever wanted a surface painted and thought you could do it yourself, until you realize the mess it makes? Save yourself the energy and hire in professionals that can get the job done for you, in half the time and with less mess! If you have trouble staying inside the lines with a paintbrush or don’t know if you’re doing it right, you’re better off handing the brush to an experienced paint contractor who can assess the situation. Some paint projects may require the removal of previous surface materials while others require specialized paints that can adhere to certain surfaces. Above all, you know you’ll be getting quality work at the end of the day.
Interior Painting
Interior painting is what you would expect from any simple painting project, such as painting a kid’s room, to repainting your bathroom. We offer textured and designs or pattern painting as well, so your interiors can easily be customized to fit an aesthetic that you desire. Interior painting is tailored to the type of wall or surface you have for optimal use.
Drywall Repairs
Drywall is often the surface material beneath most home interior walls. Like its name says, drywall is composed of a variety of materials, namely gypsum and dried paper. Combined together, this creates a flakey and chalky substance that is both durable and incredibly strong. Placed in slabs against your home’s interior walls, drywall serves as a sturdy building material that can easily be primed and painted, once installed. However, you might notice after a while that drywall has a tendency to chip on the edges, when you’re turning a corner too quickly or bumped into the wall with heavy force. Either way, we offer drywall repairs that help patch any dents, cracks, holes, or creases that appear over time from stress added to your drywall.
Cabinets and Doors
Your home wouldn’t be complete without adding some color to your cabinets and doors. If your cabinets and doors are made from hardwood or vinyl, we can offer painting services to brighten and customize these fixtures. If you have kitchen cabinets that you’d like to match your new granite, or doors that should coincide with the crown molding, we’ve got you covered! Cabinets and doors are painted in a similar fashion to other surfaces but must be given special attention given their grooves and crevices, to ensure that they’re painted evenly.
Do you have some old furniture around the house that you’d like to refurbish? We offer furniture painting services to help you do just that! Furniture painting is a great way to make use of old or deteriorating furniture by giving it a second life and a new coat of paint. For wooden furniture, pieces will likely need to be sanded and buffed before new paint or a stain color can be added to the wood. Other pieces of furniture, such as wrought iron or steel mirrors, tables, and outdoor furniture, can also benefit from added layers of paint to brighten them up.