Wood Finishing

wood finishing

If you have wood around your home, you’ll likely know that not all wood is created equal. Depending on the source of the wood, wood can have varying grain finishes, colors, and designs. We offer our professional painting services to clients that also have wood they would like refurnished or revitalized. Wood finishing allows us to alter the appearance of existing wood to either match or fit into the home better, or give deteriorating wood a great, refreshed look.
Wood Staining
Wood staining is the art of adding a darker color to existing wood. In doing so, this changes the overall appearance of the wood, giving it a deeper and richer color than before. Wood staining, however, does not penetrate the wood enough to alter its grain finish or the way in which the wood is cut. Wood staining is a quick and simple process that can add some elegance to your wood that you didn’t even know it needed! Wood staining is coated to the exterior of existing wood that has been sanded down and removed of its top coat. It is then applied and polished off with a sealing agent that gives it a remarkable finish.
Wax Finishes
Wax finishes give the wood a more delicate and traditional appearance. What we mean by this is, once a wax finish is applied to the wood floor or surface, it is left to dry on the wood’s top layer without ever penetrating the lower layers of the wood. The wax serves as a protective agent between foot traffic and the wood itself, but isn’t necessarily intended to give you the ultimate finish you’re looking for. Instead, we recommend to our clients to have their floors finished with another water-based or oil-based finish, and completed with a wax finish on top to give the wood a smooth and aligned look. Wax can easily be applied to other finishes that have completely dried, but this process cannot be inverted as it could potentially damage the wood.
Water-based Finishes
Water-based finishes are commonly chosen by clients for their easy application and low odor. As a thicker base, water-based finishes are applied to wood to give them a natural appearance and enhance the wood’s authentic beauty. Water-based finishes dry quickly, meaning you won’t need much time in between the finish application and first usage before fully enjoying your new wood floors and surfaces. We recommend water-based finishes for those that are satisfied with the color and grain finish of their existing wood yet would like to add a sealant for protection and comfort.
Oil Finishes
Oil finishes are also increasingly popular, competing with that of water-based finishes. Oil finishes typically have a stark smell, given their chemical makeup, but give the wood a deeper finish. If you’re looking to add some dimension and depth to your wood floors and surfaces, oil finishes can provide exactly that, giving the wood a complex of stunning wood colors such as cherry and amber tones.

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